Fun Father’s Day gifts he can’t wait to open in the spare room

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Father’s Day gifts are notoriously hard to choose, particularly when there’s not much space in the spare room for clutter, or smiling.

What does he like? It’s hard because he’s not in the house very much for you to ask him.

We’ve come up with some fun ideas for how to celebrate this magical day and make that spare room feel like the most fatherly room of all.

1) A funny mug that says ‘Father of The Year’

A classic. He’s definitely a father, and it’s been a year, so it makes sense that he deserves one of these. Wake him up with a coffee in this special mug and warm up his heart in that cold, cold spare room.

2) A humorous tie

The neckwear of choice for dads. They have to wear them to work and stuff, or whatever he does in the day. Maybe one of the ones that lights up, or does a song when you press the button. That shit is timeless.

3) Silly slippers

A little bit of fun for his feet, and a great conversation piece for when him and your mum cross paths on their way to the bathroom.

4) That Muse album he likes

You’ve never really understood his obsession with this band, but at least he has something to listen to that’s not the wind whistling through the single-glazed window in the spare room.

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