Throwback! This woman celebrates her teenage years by reviving her chronic acne

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We all love a trip down memory lane, and it turns out your skin would like to come too.

Tracy Stevens, 28, from Leyton, has decided to vividly relive her high school memories through a series of painful blemishes across her facial region.

“It’s just like old times!” Tracy exclaimed.  “All that insecurity is back too – I completely forgot about the crippling fear you get that a spot is going to start weeping pus mid-conversation. Wow!”

“It’s all coming back to me now.” She explained, dabbing at her face with a bloody tissue.

Kat Sadler is a comedian, writer and blogger. Kat is young at heart, but she's also wise beyond her years. Unfortunately the two cancel each other out so she's actually neither. She also writes for The Daily Mash. She blogs here