Meet the team

Sara Gibbs


Sara trained at NFTS in Writing and Producing Comedy. She has broadcast credits on Dead Ringers and The News Quiz, and has also written for Newsthump.

She has a background in features journalism and PR. Sara decided to pursue comedy due to her unique sense of burning self loathing that is briefly quenched by approval from others in the form of their sweet, sweet laughter – with her, obv. Sara considers herself to be a terrifying hybrid of Leslie Knope, Lisa Simpson and Liz Lemon. Her comedy heroes are Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Mitch Hurwitz.

The best piece of advice she was given applies to all writing: “they’re just words on a page”, in other words, don’t get too attached, don’t project all of your self worth onto some shapes you made on a Word doc.

Somewhere in a Kibbutz in Israel, there is a tree planted on her placenta.

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Kat Sadler

Editor & Creative Director

Kat is a comedian, writer and performer. She has written for The Daily Mash, Funny Women, The F Word and has taken her sketches to the Fringe for the past three years. She also writes a blog where she shares too much about her sad little life. Kat does comedy to fill the void where a social life or a sense of shame would go. Her comedy heroes are Felicity Ward, Lisa Hanawalt, Josie Long and Tig Notaro.

She was in the news when she was 19 because she lost her beloved stuffed duck Big Bird in an airport and called Homeland Security.

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