“But I’m a dragon fruit!” Why this spiky woman is lashing out against traditional fruit-based body shapes

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A woman from Wimbledon is taking a stand against the limited range of fruit-based body shapes in mainstream society.

Miranda Thompson, 32, who has created women’s protest group  ‘Fruit Salad’,  is on a mission to encourage women to express their body shape through the medium of any fruit which they see fit.

‘I was playing Fruit Ninja when I realised that I wasn’t an apple or a pear” Miranda explained.  “I was a dragon fruit.” She clarified,  “I’ve always been quite pointy.”

Julie Stevens, another ‘Fruit Salad’ advocate, revealed that she hid her true fruit for years before finally being able to express her identity. “I used to get compliments on my pear-shaped figure but they always made me feel uncomfortable. Now I know that it was because, deep down, I wasn’t actually a pear.”

She proudly exclaimed, “Now that I’ve come out as a guava, I finally feel like my true self.”

On the future of ‘Fruit Salad’ Thompson said, “I’m not saying that we have to change our perceptions of the female body immediately. I’m merely planting a seed.”

Thompson added, “We are not condemning traditional body shapes, just raising awareness.”

“If you genuinely feel as though you are an apple or a pear, that’s absolutely fine” explained Laura Taylor, a group member who identifies as a Bramley apple.

She added, “but be proud of your body. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are a granny smith when you are a pink lady.”

Joanne Sarginson

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