Hilarious! Company pranks woman with 18-month-long unpaid internship before hiring slightly more qualified graduate

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“I really fell for it too” giggled Sally Johnson, 22. “All the admin I did felt so realistic!”

Sally was so excited to be offered the ‘internship’ by a small publishing house that claimed they were looking for sharp new minds to help shape their company.

Little did she know that the company was just having a massive laugh.

“I suppose I should have realised a bit earlier. They even made me scrub the word ‘gullible’ off the ceiling in the office! I couldn’t see it, but I wanted to make a good impression”

Sally speculates that they might use the 18 months’ worth of footage for some sort of show like Candid Camera, or You’ve Been Framed.

“Of course they’d hire someone slightly more qualified than me. What do I know? I didn’t even go to Oxford. I’m scum!” She laughed.

Sally said she has “high hopes” for her travel expenses to be covered.

Kat Sadler is a comedian, writer and blogger. Kat is young at heart, but she's also wise beyond her years. Unfortunately the two cancel each other out so she's actually neither. She also writes for The Daily Mash. She blogs here