Woman demands refund for holiday as Instagram pic only got 60 likes

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After a two-week trip to Malaga with her boyfriend, a Leytonstone woman is suing the travel agency for what she  describes as “minimal social media coverage” of her holiday photos.

Rose James, 22, shared multiple Instagram posts, including some feet buried in sand, her boyfriend, Steve, in the hotel’s dressing gown, and a passionfruit mojito with the caption “when in Rome” despite the fact they were in Spain.

She became distressed when she only managed to accumulate 60 likes overall, and one comment from her sister Sophie James, 19, stating “jel”.

It remains unclear as to whether Sophie was referring to the holiday or Rose’s boyfriend.

“I just don’t get it,” explained Rose. “These photos are proven successes: inoffensive, relatively aesthetically pleasing and they clearly demonstrate that my life is a perfect social construct”

She added: “I even used the Valencia filter and still, tumbleweed. I can only blame the holiday company.”

Rose explains that this is indicative of a growing problem. “The only reason people go on holiday is to make people jealous and show how cultured and well travelled they are. Otherwise, I could have just stayed home and watched Cash in the Attic for a fortnight. We will not stand for this anymore, we should be guaranteed at least 80 likes a photo.”

Rose’s travel agent stated: “while this is a concern with our holidaymakers, we cannot offer a full refund. Based on the feedback we have received from customers like Rose, we are offering a social-media-friendly holiday package, where a professional photographer, makeup artist and photoshop expert will be available at all times at our resorts.”

It is unclear whether Rose will take this to court. When asked if she would continue her trailblazing activism, she commented, “it is a bit of a pain but a trial would look great on Snapchat.”

Hannah Radley

Hannah is a writer, stand up comedian and improviser, which are just some of the techniques she uses to procrastinate from working on her history degree.