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Woman’s day ruined when clean-eating colleague takes the day off, leaving her without regular dietary updates

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A Surrey office worker was left bereft when her clean-eating colleague took the day off work.

Jane Davis, 28, was left in the lurch when Sandra Merton, 34, who is currently trying out a plant-based diet, booked annual leave to make a fresh batch of protein balls.

This tragically left Jane without any news on which superfoods were in her colleague’s smoothie, or how bright her skin was looking.

“Usually, my day is punctuated with helpful dietary updates,” said Jane. “I’ve really struggled to focus without knowing whether Sandra managed to get more chia seeds, and how much refined sugar is in my morning breakfast bar.”

Unfortunately, Jane got her answer when she began experiencing a sugar crash. She was spotted trying to call Sandra to confirm her suspicion that she should have opted for overnight oats instead.

Another colleague echoed Jane’s concerns. “I knew something was wrong when I got to work this morning and could see no sign of Sandra’s Wholefoods jute bag. I’ve got to go for lunch later, and I don’t know how I’ll pick my meal without her input on what’s good and what’s bad.“

Reports suggest the colleague went ahead and ordered a Caesar salad at lunch, saying she reckoned it sounded OK.

The team are looking forward to Sandra’s return tomorrow, and to trying one of the protein balls, which are said to be delicious.

Natalie Littlewood

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