Five reasons a fringe will definitely suit Alicia’s face this time

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Alicia, 27, has decided to “go for something a bit different” after seeing how much a fringe suited Rihanna. Despite looking nothing like Rihanna, and with the still-dim recollection of her last five tearful exits from her local salon and subsequent trips to Boots to buy hundreds of hair grips she would then go on to gradually lose, we salute Alicia’s bravery. So here are five reasons Alicia will definitely rock that fringe this time around.

1. Faces change

It’s true – your face changes as you get older. I mean, not the fundamental bone structure, or anything that would actually affect the way a fringe looks on you, but… well… stay with us here…

2. Alicia is old enough to know better

Alicia is 27 years old. By now, surely, she knows herself well enough to know what suits her and what doesn’t, so there’s no way she’d make a terrible fashion decision at this stage of her life… right?

3. It looks sort of OK on a website that lets you try on hairstyles

Never mind the photos from just two years ago of Alicia’s own face sporting a halo of frizzy antennae on that holiday to Ibiza, a pro shot of Alicia paired with an online hair generator looks pretty OK, when you squint and look sideways.

4. Technology has come on leaps and bounds

OK, so a fringe used to be pretty high maintenance – but now there are all sorts of gizmos and gadgets to help Alicia effortlessly keep it in check. She can even set an alarm on her phone to talk herself out of drunkenly trying to trim it at 2am.

5. Feminism

Feminism means that it doesn’t actually matter what Alicia looks like, as long as she’s happy. And if Alicia’s happy, we’re happy, so go for it, Alicia. You’re a modern-day Emmeline Pankhurst.

Sara Gibbs

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