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True story! Happiest day of bride’s life still that Hanson concert in ‘98

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A Richmond newlywed has admitted that the happiest day of her life was not, in fact, her wedding day, but is still the dreamy day that she got to see ’90s pop-rock trio, Hanson, play live when she was 11, in 1998.

“I’ll level with you,” said Christina Sutton, 29, “I fully expected my wedding day to blow that Hanson gig out of the water, but it turns out nothing will ever top that. My life peaked at eleven, the day Zac stepped out from behind his drums and delivered a spine-tingling rendition of his little-known song, ‘Lucy’, looking straight at me the whole time.”

“I mean, granted, I was so far away from the stage that I had to pay a quid for binoculars to see what was going on,” continued Christina, “but, despite the distance, he knew I was there. I could feel it.”

“In fact, I wore a special dress in case he did see me and fancied plucking me from the audience to be his wife. I’m quite sure he only held back because my parents were there, and he was being respectful. In fact, I only married whatshisface because I just couldn’t wait for Zac forever.”

Christina was last seen on her honeymoon in the Seychelles, walking wistfully on the beach, alone, morosely humming MMMbop to herself. Whatshisface was unavailable for comment.

Sara Gibbs

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