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Amazing! Man only takes four hours to ask what his date does for a living

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A truly selfless Dulwich man only took four hours to ask his date a question about herself.

“It was so sweet that Alan wanted to know what I do for a living,” explained Anna Hunt, 28. “And after only four hours of talking to me as well. He was so interested in me.”

“I’m really glad he didn’t ask me that too soon, actually,” she continued, “because if he’d known I was a neuroscientist from the get go, I might have missed out on his very interesting explanation of how peer-reviewed studies work.”

“To be fair, there were a lot of other important topics to get through first, like the ins and outs of his gym routine, which side he should wear his parting on and some very detailed grievances about his ex.”

“It was lovely that he felt he could open up to me like that, even when I was mid-sentence. What a catch.”

Sara Gibbs

Sara is editor-in-chief of Succubus. Sara studied Writing & Producing Comedy at the NFTS and has written for The Now Show, Dead Ringers, The News Quiz, The Daily Mash and The Mash Report. Sara makes it her business to be at least five years behind the latest trends, so she can devote more time to her Tamagotchi.