‘Modern man’ carries mug all the way to sink by himself

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A self-confessed ‘modern man’ from Swansea has shocked his loved ones by bravely carrying his own empty mug from the coffee table to the sink, without any help at all.

“It all started when I finished my tea, but everyone else had popped to the shop,” explained Aaron Brown, 24. “I didn’t know when they were going to be back. I wanted to leave my mug on the table, but something within me, a voice I didn’t quite recognise, but sounded like my own, said ‘why not try?'”

“It was sort of like when babies are in danger and mothers get superhuman strength they didn’t know they had,” he continued. “Somehow I rose to my feet, lifted the mug off the coffee table and carried it all the way to the sink.”

“The sink was a strange, unfamiliar place. There were knobs and twiddles that looked complicated and scary, so at that point I decided to back off and let someone more qualified deal with it later, but still… I did half the work.”

Aaron’s mother, Louise Brown, 54, said: “We’re very proud of Aaron. Today he’s taking mugs to the sink, tomorrow he could be Prime Minister.”

Sara Gibbs

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