Mind blowing! Woman on FaceTime looks at the other caller, rather than herself

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A Burnley woman has defied the laws of physics and common sense by managing to look at the other caller, rather than her own face, on a recent FaceTime call.

Lacey Martin, 28, is to be awarded a damehood, and Steve Jobs himself has congratulated her from beyond the grave, after it was revealed that she managed to look at her friend, Jess, rather than herself, on FaceTime for more than five seconds.

“Not to brag, but I think it was more like eight seconds.” claimed Lacey. “But unfortunately, we weren’t timing it, so we can’t submit it to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Lacey took the call after four hours in the makeup chair.

“I looked peng so it was dead hard not to stare at myself the entire time,” she admitted, “but I also felt more confident because I’d my makeup artist paint out three of my four chins.”

“A blow dry and a friendly filter gave me the strength and courage to stick to one camera angle and tear myself away from my own face. I’ll be dedicating my awards to my FaceTime production team, which included a makeup artist, hairdresser, lighting expert, and Gok Wan. I literally couldn’t have done it without them.”

But Lacey’s claims have been called into question, with non believers taking to Twitter to express their skepticism.

Lacey has even faced criticism from Roberto Garcia himself, the Apple engineer who created FaceTime, who simply tweeted “#Lacey #BOLLOCKS.”

The only credible witness to Lacey’s claims, her friend and recipient of the now-infamous FaceTime call, Jess, is sadly unable to back her up, stating: “I didn’t see Lacey do it because I was too busy watching my own face in the little square in the corner of the screen.”

Anneka Harry

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