Uh oh! These female characters are too strong

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Modern film is flush with sympathetic female characters including Wonder Woman, Furiosa, and that one female Smurf. Who doesn’t like a good bildungswoman?

But it is a sign of our degenerate modern times that a new batch of mainstream “biopics” bring with them a slew of unrealistic, token female characters such as Emmeline Pankhurst, Rosa Parks and The Queen. Now, I’m all for strong women in films, but this is ridiculous! I wouldn’t even want to have sex with two of those three.

The Soros-backed hidden agenda of Hollywood is glimpsed once again, as films like Selma, Suffragette and The Helen Keller Story are made to meet a disgusting liberal leftist agenda. They even managed to squeeze Eleanor Roosevelt into Annie!

Let’s go back to the good old days of film when young women could be empowered into liberation by actresses like Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman in leather trousers, Halle Berry as Catwoman in leather trousers or Lee Merriwether as Catwoman in leather trousers.

And before anyone out there starts calling me a feminist for saying that, save your energy. I’m an egalitarian, which is like a feminist, except I don’t have to pretend to like female body hair.

Benjamin Alborough

Benjamin Alborough is a comic writer, actor, and white bisexual. Look out for his comedy play "Cream Tea and Incest". He tweets a lot.