Adorable Freshers’ week outfits to cry in by yourself because your housemates have gone out without you

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You’re finally off to uni! You’ve flown the nest! You’re a proper adult, albeit one who has no idea how to cook anything other than an omelette. But never mind that, you’re free. Time for non-stop parties, romantic liaisons, and more friends than a Taylor Swift squad. Right?

Maybe. But probably not. Just in case your new university life isn’t all you dreamed it would be, and you end up lying on a squeaky, plastic mattress, sobbing because Milly and Augusta went to school together and have buggered off to Oceana without you, here are our favourite adorable outfits to look cute AF in while you weep.

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The ‘party girl’

Girl you don’t need a fairy Godmother to get all dressed up for the ball you weren’t invited to. Here’s a dramatic dress to wear while you have a pity party for one.

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Sweatpant chic

Look super casual in your sweats, while embracing the inevitable night ahead of eating a tub of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked by yourself (this has already cost you half of your first student loans instalment).

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I’m a student now

Go full cliché and get yourself a beret and some serious, grown-up glasses. Basically, embrace your role as the halls geek – tutoring is a great way to make friends whose coursework you can do for the next three years.

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The drastic makeover

Reinvent yourself with a whole new look that is nothing like the old you, and is also inexplicably itchy. It might not get you invited out, but it’ll keep you occupied while everyone else is having formative life experiences.

Sara Gibbs

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