Three reaction gifs that say: “I’ve only got the emotional capacity to deal with my own problems right now, Chloe”

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Chloe’s that friend who messages to ask how you are, just because she wants you to ask her how she is.

This time around she’s messaged asking you for advice about her ex, Ben. Both you and Chloe know Ben’s old news. He’s a piece of work, and you already told her that last time they got back together.

At the same time as this, you’ve got ten deadlines, and other people’s more interesting drama to deal with.

The solution is obvious; just send her a gif. Gifs are simple, concise snapshots of emotion that do the legwork so you don’t have to. Here are our top three.

Elf saying “I love you”

This is a seasonal one, but the sentiment can be used all year long. It says, “I don’t have time for your shit right now, but I’m still there for you through moving image format.”

A cat grooming another cat

This one says, “this is what I would be doing emotionally to you if I liked you a bit more, but right now I’m too busy to use my words.”

Someone else saying “You got this”

It’s supportive, and lets Chloe know she’s more than capable of dealing with her own shit. So do it, Chloe.

Kat Sadler

Kat is a comedian, writer and mentally unwell bisexual. She's written for a whole bunch of shows like Frankie Boyle's New World Order, The Mash Report, The Jonathan Ross Show, The News Quiz, The Daily Mash and her own stuff too, thanks for asking. Check out her sad little blog here