Four bath bombs that’ll mask the fact you’re marinating in a soup of your own juices

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Ahhh time for a relaxing bath. You’ve lit candles, dimmed the lights and put on plinky plonky music. But what’s that floating around you? Is that a bit of the pizza you sneakily ordered for lunch? Yuck! Suddenly it dawns on you that your chillout time is pretty much just you slowly cooking yourself in your own weird body juice.

But don’t worry; chuck in a fizzy, lovely bath bomb and you’ll soon forget that you’re now soaking in the cat pee you stepped in earlier when Mr. Tibbles had an adorable accident. Here are four of our faves:

1) A big, fizzy one

Like a firework, this baby burns bright and fast, but look at it whooshing around the bathtub! Isn’t it fun? Unfortunately it’s soon over, along with the brief distraction, but wasn’t it great while it lasted?

2) A slow, melty one

This will last your whole bath. Move it from hand to hand, feeling it disintegrate, while muttering to yourself about how clean you’re getting.

3) One with bits in

Is that a rose petal from your bath bomb or is it that scab you’ve been itching to peel off for weeks now but it hasn’t quite felt ‘ready’? You don’t know. And frankly, you don’t want to know.

4) A colourful one

Wow! You’ve never had a bright red bath before. Sort of looks like a murder scene. And it’s definitely going to give you hives hahaha, hahaha, yes you can get out now.
Sara Gibbs

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