Genies HATE her! Why this woman’s wish list is just three more wishes

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A woman from Egham has figured out a loophole putting together a wish list in the run up to her birthday.

Instead of going on the Selfridges website and selecting a finite number of things, incredible Jennifer Tracy, 24 realised she could turn to that old story of the wiley lamp rubber who uses his third wish to ask for three more wishes and create a lucrative birthday extravaganza.

“It occurred to me like some epiphany that I could just wish for three more wishes!” Jennifer excitedly explained. “You should have seen the look on Jason’s face when I told him. Priceless. Unlike what’s on my wish list, which is turning out to be very expensive.”

Jennifer also blew out her birthday candles, threw all her change into a well and pulled out all her eyelashes to further cement her plan for maximum wishes.

She cackled: “I love my boyfriend, but he’s going to need a lawyer to get out of this one.”

Kat Sadler

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