Exposed! Woman’s life nothing like it appears on Instagram

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A Leeds woman has been outed as a total fraud after it was discovered that her real life does not remotely resemble the way it is presented on Instagram.

An investigation into the Instagram account of Helen Peabody, 26, found that 98% of the images had been doctored or edited in some way in order to appear more aspirational than they actually were.

“I’m shocked,” said friend, Elaine Michaels, 25. “I thought Helen was a domestic goddess, but it turns out she’s just taking pictures of the one corner of her house that isn’t covered in dust and cheese string wrappers.”

“I feel so let down. She’s as much of a disgusting slob as I am.”

Another friend, Andrea Simms, 27, agreed: “You think you know someone, but I just found out that when she went to the gym the other day, it didn’t even happen in black and white.”

“She doesn’t even eat the food she posts on Instagram, she just arranges it so it looks more photogenic, pays the bill and leaves.”

As the news of her deception broke, Helen expressed remorse over the pain she had caused.

“Honestly, I thought everyone was doing it,” sobbed Helen, “but it turns out everyone else’s Instagram feeds are totally authentic representations of what they’re up to. I just hope everyone can forgive me and learn to trust me again.”

“We can’t,” said Elaine. “We know too much.”

Sara Gibbs

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