Stepmother still around after 13 years perhaps not a temporary rebound after all

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A Surbiton woman was looking through her family albums this past weekend when she was shocked to realise that her stepmother, who she had always seen as more of a temporary rebound, has been married to her father for 13 years. 

“From the beginning, Linda showed all the signs of being a short-term rebound,” explained Maya Emerson, 24. “She behaved as if she were in love with my father, she ate dinner with us every night, and she often tried to get to know me better. These were clearly attempts to disguise the fact that she was on the way out.”

However, after 13 years, Maya’s step mother has not once packed all of her belongings into a suitcase and driven away in a Mercedes convertible with a handsome man, shouting, “Hasta La Vista!” over her shoulder.

Although Maya technically knows that her stepmother has been living with her since 2003, she still considers her to be a stranger. This may be because Maya has only ever looked into her stepmother’s eyes once, by accident, when her line of vision was intercepted while looking up at the TV.

“I can’t remember exactly when she stopped referring to her ‘the blonde lady’, and when I started calling her Linda,” mused Maya. “But it’s probably inappropriate to keep introducing Linda as ‘the flavour of the month’, seeing as she has a home office in the house.”

It would seem that although her stepmother initially showed many signs of being a temporary rebound, once in 2003, she had to ask Maya where the cereal was, she is in fact more of a long-term and perhaps more of a permanent rebound after all.

Geneva Rust-Orta

Geneva Rust-Orta is an up-and-coming stand-up comedian, dog walker, and on-call substitute nursery teacher. Since starting in comedy she has placed in many competitions and obtained the titles: Second-Funniest Jew, Second-Funniest Student, Not as Funny as Mean Dave, and We Thought That Was Very Brave.