Woman somehow spends £800 in Poundland

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A Berkshire woman has no idea how she spent £800 in a Poundland store after only going to in to get “a couple of bits”.

Jenny Wallace, 36, went into the shop with the original intention of just buying “toilet paper and maybe some sweets for the kids”, before somehow coming out with 18 bags all brimming with “bargains”.

“From the name of the place, you’d be expecting to be able to pay for your shopping with just a handful of change,” explained Jenny. Not a credit card transaction that was so big the bank rang me up to confirm it was actually me using the card.”

Jenny was then annoyed to find there was a 99p shop just around the corner from Poundland.

For fuck’s sake, I could’ve saved eight quid there.”

Actually though, I should just pop in the 99p shop, as I forgot to get the toilet paper and a couple of other bits too.”

Adam Baird

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