Hollywood exclusive! Actual real housewife joins cast of Real Housewives

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La La Land – a faraway mysterious kingdom where dreams are made and dogs have their own acupuncturists. Here to give us a glimpse behind the scenes is our Hollywood correspondent, Sara Scully.

Laurie Thompson, 47, of Madison, Indiana, has made Hollywood history – being the first REAL housewife to join the women of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Producers of the popular Bravo reality series hit a standstill when ratings began declining because, after multiple viewer polls, they discovered the audience wants to see… real housewives?!

“I was stunned to learn that people actually want to see a woman vacuuming, cooking dinner, speaking to her kids,” said Andy Cohen, 49, creator of the Housewives franchise. “Up until this point, we had banned cellulite from the show.”

This summer, the Bravo team went on a Midwest-wide tour to find the realest real housewife. Apparently, Idaho and Iowa are two different states.

“The search concluded in Indiana, where we found Laurie shopping at a local K-Mart,” explained Andy. “Who knew K-Mart still existed?”

“Laurie is just SO boring. It’s really going to spice this season up!” Andy exclaimed, of the married-only-once mother-of-two.

“She wears khaki Bermuda shorts, teaches Sunday School to the kids at her church, AND she’s happily married. Her fitness regiment is walking the dog around her neighborhood! These women are going to have a field day with her.”

When Laurie agreed to fly out to LA to meet the other women, she was greeted by Lisa Rinna with a flying glass of Zinfandel to the head. In a shocking plot twist, she knew how to clean it up.

Sara Scully

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