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Lucky guess! Man who hasn’t noticed “anything different” about girlfriend takes wild shot with “haircut”

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A Durham man who definitely hasn’t noticed anything different about his girlfriend has had a stroke of luck after offering a panicked compliment about her new haircut.

Matt Baron, 28, was put on the spot when his long-term girlfriend, Kylie Pinkney, 26, came home and said: “well what do you think?”

“At first I thought she was talking about dinner, so I replied ‘lasagne’,” explained Matt. “But then she just stood there staring at me, so I realised that must not have been it.”

Kylie then offered Matt a lifeline, asking: “notice anything different about me?” Matt did not.

“I knew I had about 10 seconds to respond or it would be game over, so I did a quick scan,” explained Matt. “I felt like I’d seen her wear that outfit before, her face looked roughly the same and she wasn’t wearing any nail polish. By process of elimination I went with hair.”

“I told her that her hair looked beautiful and she sort of seemed to buy it, because she didn’t give me that ‘you’re an idiot and I hate you’ look.”

Kylie explained: “I literally had my very long hair cut above my shoulders and went from blonde to chestnut brown. I’m pretty sure Matt had no idea. Should I be worried about him?”

Sara Gibbs

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