Four cute sheet masks to wear while breaking and entering

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For most women, concealing your identity while breaking and entering is a time-wasting chore. So why not treat yourself and moisturise at the same time with these adorable sheet masks?

A panda sheet mask

No security guard likes being choked out at 3am in an electrical goods warehouse by a masked burglar. But what if he were getting choked out at 3am in an electrical goods warehouse by an adorable panda!? The last thing he’ll see before passing out is a cute endangered bear and the first thing you’ll see when you take the mask off is a dewy, glowing complexion. It’s win-win for everybody!

A moisturising sheet mask

This sheet mask has the advantage of being slightly thicker than your average mask, so it’s perfect for moisturising chronically dry skin and for protecting your face from plaster flakes when you’re sawing through dry wall.

An aromatherapy sheet mask

This sheet mask contains four essential oils which will not only leave you glowing, but can provide extra lubricant if you get stuck crawling through a narrow ventilation system. We’ve all been there after a heavy brunch, haven’t we gals!?

An orange-scented sheet mask

The orange oil in this one will be heaven for winter-dried skin, but watch out, when this reviewer tried it out on a bank job, the security guard was prematurely alerted to my presence by the distinctive scent and had to be neutralised. Best left for routine smash and grabs, ladies!

CAUTION! The oils in these masks mean an increased risk of leaving behind greasy fingerprints, so don’t forget to wear gloves!

Emma Moran

Emma Moran is a writer and comedian who makes a living producing videos for the internet. Her work has previously been described as "witty", "fun" and "a cause for concern". She currently lives in London, sharing an apartment with two flatmates and some persistent damp.