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Mother of six-week-old baby assaults doctor who told her: “it’s fine to have sex again”

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A GP from Manchester was left with a broken nose and concussion after he told a postnatal patient she was clear to resume her sex life.

“I am shocked and saddened by what happened’ said Dr Richard Evans, 51. “This woman came to my surgery, accompanied by her husband, for her six-week check. I told her that despite her vagina having been torn to shreds by a baby’s head, despite being still unable to urinate properly, suffering from severe haemorrhoids and mastitis and not having slept for six weeks, she was now theoretically fine to have sex again.”

“Her husband seemed pleased with the news, but then she suddenly attacked me.”

Police were called to the surgery and the woman, Sophie Wooster, 34, was charged with aggravated assault.

She issued the following statement via her solicitor: “Listen, I still can’t go for a piss without steeling myself for the agony, and my tits are on fire. So I wouldn’t even let Benedict Cumberbatch near my lady parts right now, never mind my husband. Fuck off all of you.”

Catherine Fearns

Catherine Fearns is a British writer living in Switzerland. Her music journalism appears regularly in Pure Grain Audio, Broken Amp and others, and she also writes a blog about metal and motherhood. Her first novel, a crime thriller called 'Reprobation', will be published by Crooked Cat Books in 2018. She is coping with her prolonged early midlife crisis by playing guitar in a heavy metal band, which has the added bonus of embarrassing her husband and children.