Man on same wage keeps thanking female co-worker for all her work

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A male office worker in Bromley is continually thanking his female co-worker for all her hard work despite the fact they are on the same wage and have the same level of authority as each other.

After meeting last month’s sales targets, John Eagle, 34, emailed Sharon Jackson, 30, to say: “Well done on making those targets, Shaz. We all appreciate your hard work and dedication.”

“Keep it up!”

“It’s always nice to be thanked,” said Sharon.

“Except when it’s by a co-worker who, for some reason, thinks he’s your superior.”

John has also confirmed that he’ll be going out for drinks with everyone from work this weekend and, as Sharon can’t make it, he’ll then come in on Monday and act like he was singled out by the bosses to talk about the overall running of the company.

“I made sure to mention your name, Sharon,” John will say, adding a wink that will make Sharon want to throw up in her own hands.

Adam Baird

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