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How to find Mr. Right this International Women’s Day

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International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world – but let’s face it; it’s just not the same when you don’t have a man to enjoy it with.

So, how can righteous women with an eye on equality find their Mr. Right, this International Women’s Day? Here, a top figure in the field of romance and seduction, relationship guru Poppy Cox, offers her advice.

Wear your frown like a crown

Turning a tired old suggestion on its head, Poppy says women should practice their ‘resting bitch face’ – sometimes referred to as ‘their face’ – while they go about their everyday business.

“This will seriously alarm the more sensitive and caring men out there,” insists Poppy. “Soon, you’ll be surrounded by potential suitors who just can’t wait to tell you to smile – and what more could a girl ask for than a guy who just wants her to be happy?”

Look for a man with “feminist” in his bio

“Everyone knows that social media gives the most accurate possible representation of a person’s personality and lifestyle so if someone has publicly identified themselves as a feminist, you can be sure it’s not just a superficial attempt to be seen as on-trend or progressive,” says Poppy.

Ditch the makeup

“With women battling against such high beauty standards, you know you’ve found someone special when he really appreciates the natural you,” explains Poppy.

“Some of the tell-tale signs will be him encouraging you to wear less makeup or show less skin,” she says. “He may even deride other women who choose to express their personality through makeup or clothes – that’s when you know you’re onto a real winner.”

Nicola Middlemiss

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