Woman in early 30s holds celebratory party after being ID’d at supermarket

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A Staffordshire woman in her early thirties has partied into the early hours after being asked for proof of her age at her local branch of Tesco.

“I was just buying a nice red to go with my Bolognese that evening, and was being served by a newer member of staff I hadn’t seen before,” said Emily Stephens, 32. “I could have kissed him when he asked me for my driving licence!”

Emily organised the event in haste, adding extra bottles of wine, cava, multipacks of beer and cider as well as ‘nibbles’ right there and then, before nipping to Costco and a party supplies shop on the way home.

“I rang my mum to ask her to babysit the kids, and booked a private room in a local pub for the evening. Then I group WhatsApped all the mums at my kids’ schools, and a few old friends. I could tell some were a bit jealous, but most of them were well chuffed for me. I got a good turnout at such short notice.”

Emily rented a room at a nearby pub, which she decorated with ‘Congratulations’ banners and used the room’s screen to present a slideshow of some of her best ‘#nofilter selfies’.

“I don’t think I’m being narcissistic,” Emily reflected. “Some might say the limo, ball gown and red carpet were a bit much for The Bull and Thorn, but I deserve it.’

Emily’s mother, Valerie Jones, 55, attributed Emily’s youthful looks to “good genes.”

Lucy Roper

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