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Ask Deliciously Stella: My fiancée wants to make a heartfelt speech at our wedding – how do I stop her?

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Dear Deliciously Stella,

My fiancée recently confessed to me that she wants to make a speech at our wedding. The day is fast approaching and she still isn’t taking no for an answer. Its even started keeping me up at night. How can I persuade her that it isn’t the done thing? I fear this could set a terrifying precedent for the rest of our marriage.


A man in need

Dear man in need,

Thank you for your honesty. You’re right, a woman speaking can be a terrifying prospect. I suggest you start by gently reminding her that she doesn’t actually want to speak at your wedding. Women love being told what to think. Then calmly explain to her that she shouldn’t let something minor like institutional sexism get in the way of what’s really important here: tradition. If all else fails, tell her that her dress makes her look fat just before she stands up, she’ll be crying so much she won’t be able to get a word out.



Bella Younger

Bella Younger is a writer, comedian and accidental influencer who blogs as Deliciously Stella. She’s sold out two runs at the Edinburgh Fringe, written a book and appeared on the BBC and Comedy Central. She regularly writes for The Telegraph, Stylist, The Sunday Times Style and Vogue. Just don’t ask if she "eats clean."