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“Low blood sugar” excuse for Tammy to be total nightmare

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A Luton woman’s ‘low blood sugar’ is a catch-all excuse for her to be as awful as she likes to the people around her whenever she’s a tiny bit hungry, it has been reported.

Tammy Collins, 25, claims to have “borderline borderline diabetes”, a condition the NHS Choices website refers to as “not a thing.”

“Basically, whenever I go half an hour or more without eating, I lose all control over my moods,” explained Tammy. “This isn’t just me being hangry; it’s not like I’m just an arsehole, it’s an actual medical problem.”

Tammy’s sister, Clara Collins, 27, said: “It’s not an actual medical problem. Tammy is just an arsehole.”

“The other day, we’d just eaten a massive pizza and out of nowhere, she told me I was looking ‘dry and haggard’. She then spent 30 minutes berating me about a top I’d borrowed once when we were teenagers and then demanded I go to the shop and get her a Daim bar ‘for health reasons’.”

“She can’t possibly have been hungry, she’d had a whole stuffed-crust pizza to herself.”

“What Clara doesn’t seem to understand,” said Tammy, “is that I suffer from a medical condition called pre-hunger. It has all the hallmarks of hunger, and it’s really important to pre-empt it, so it’s really not unreasonable to expect my family to be adequately prepared with delicious snack food.”

“Also, they should graciously put up with my crap.”

Sara Gibbs

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