Woman who stares at Google maps until she gets home has no idea where she lives

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A Leeds woman who strictly uses Google maps to find her way home has literally no clue where on Earth her house actually is.

“I realised when my friends asked me for directions to my house that I had no idea where the hell I actually lived,” said Rebecca Townsbury, 21. “I mean, I know the address, but I don’t actually know the route there.”

“I just realised that after two years of living there and doing the same route every single day, none of it has sunk in about where I actually am.”

“Every day, I just type in where I need to go, walk, and then arrive there,” she explained. “Even if you paid me, I literally could not tell you how to get to my own house. My phone could be leading me down a completely different route every single day and I’d have no way of telling.”

Friend Rachel Gordon, 21, who asked for the directions in question, said: “I called Rebecca because I ran out of data on my phone so couldn’t use the GPS to plan my route back. She paused for ages and then said ‘just go forwards’, which wasn’t helpful unless I already knew the direction I needed to go in.”

“I tried to give up and go home,” continued Rachel, “but obviously my 3G wasn’t working, so I couldn’t do that either. Can you give me some directions please?”

Kat Sadler

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