Cute storage solutions for all your unopened bank statements

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Haven’t opened a bank statement since 2015? Yup, us neither!

When it comes to personal finance, we find the burying-your-head-in-the-sand approach works best. However, this does mean you end up with a rather large build-up of unopened bank statements.

So, what to do with this ever-growing pile of anxiety-inducing envelopes? Here are some cute storage solutions, that’ll allow you to continue to ignore your dire financial situation in style.

Under-bed storage boxes

Under the bed: traditionally a wasteland of forgotten, discarded and embarrassing objects. Under-bed storage boxes help keep this sticky shame cavern tidy and organised.

Modular shelving

Modular shelving is perfect for those who are design savvy and financially ignorant. A storage solution  that’s as flexible as your approach to budgeting.

Footstool with hidden storage space

Stools with hidden storage space allow you to literally and metaphorically “sit on” your collection of credit card bills; kind of like a nest egg, but the complete opposite.

Wall-mounted magazine racks

When you’ve run out of space on, and inside, furniture, you can start utilising the walls. Magazine racks can be hung anywhere, so you can turn your financial incompetence into fun wall art.

Loft bed

There’s a limit to how much even the most effective storage solutions can contain. Eventually, you may have to retreat upwards in an attempt to escape the ever-growing swarm of financial documents constantly amassing. But don’t worry, loft beds are super fun and your looming financial crisis looks way less daunting when viewed from a height!


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