Endurance! This woman sat through a shit film because it cost £4.99 to rent

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An Aberdeen woman has forced herself to sit through two hours of utter drivel because it cost £4.99 to rent through Amazon.

“I have no idea what I just watched,” confessed Olivia Brightman, 25. “It was some miserable legal drama with a lot of talking. I can’t remember a single character’s name.”

“At one point, the protagonist was in mortal peril, and I went to make myself a cuppa,” she continued. “I’ve never been less invested in anything starring Ryan Gosling.”

“Why didn’t I just turn it off? Right now, my job is so shit that £4.99 is an actual, meaningful percentage of my salary. I made the commitment, so I have to live with it.”

The situation went from bad to worse when Olivia suddenly realised the plot was vaguely familiar.

“Oh my GOD, I’ve sat through this shit movie before,” she said. “I just didn’t remember because I totally zoned out and went to a place in my mind where I could feel no pain.”

“Too bad I didn’t realise before I made my friends sit through it. I’ve now forever lost my movie choosing rights.”

Sara Gibbs

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