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Man gives girlfriend promise ring to confirm his commitment to avoiding engagement

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A Henley man has spoken today of the moment he presented his girlfriend of seven years with a promise ring to symbolise his intention to keep delaying engagement.

James Salger, 32, said that over a deliberately unromantic dinner of fried garlic squid he presented his girlfriend, Farah Astley, 29, with the ring.

“I’ve known for some time that I wanted to delay any engagement to Farah and was just waiting for the right non-moment to tell her,” explained James.

“I actually designed the ring myself, inspired by a Tiffany design.” A quick investigation revealed that the Tiffany & Co.® ring was a gold band with three blue sapphires and a solitaire diamond, while James’ ring was a gold band.

“I have to admit, I felt a bit pressured into giving her the ring, after three of my friends gave their girlfriends promise rings,” admitted James. “I didn’t want to feel left out. I still have absolutely no idea whatsoever whether or not Farah is the one.”

“Hopefully this will quash any talk of me ‘not getting’ her hints about rings. She’s got one of those now, so I’m sure that the issue is resolved forever.”

Saskia Preston

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