Wow! this boy from your old Catholic school has read The God Delusion and now he makes vlogs!

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A man who was an alter server at a Devon Catholic school and did his first holy communion and confirmation alongside he rest of the class, has recently made a splash online by posting a series of vlogs.


After reading The God Delusion, Jimmy recorded himself on his iPhone front camera in a series of videos which are expected to bring down the whole institution.


Despite eating the body of Christ at communion for his entire school education, Jimmy branded all religious people ‘sheep’ and even made a very clever ‘sheep and the goats pun’, earning the video two thumbs up and one thumbs down on YouTube.


Other video titles in the series, which raises “points people might not have considered”, include ‘WHY I BINNED MY ROSARY BEADS (EXTENDED) !!!!!’,’IF GOD IS REAL WHY DOSEN’T HE PROVE IT?’ and ‘EARTHQUAKES- NEED I SAY MORE?!?’


Referencing his starring role as Joseph in the 2003 nativity, Jimmy said: “I’m ashamed of how happy I was to be given the role. You just don’t realise when you are being indoctrinated.”


When asked to explain the switch in perspective Jimmy described how, after finishing all of the Artemis Foul books, he needed something new. “That’s when I discovered Richard. It’s just so rare to find such a confident and outspoken old Oxford-educated man.”


When asked by a friend if they could share the videos, he replied that they could, but only if they set their privacy settings such that his parents, who help out with the Sunday services at the local church, couldn’t see them.
Laurie Plowright

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