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Magical! This fairytale wedding will make you believe in the power of capitalism

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Prepare to have your hearts warmed and wallets emptied at this story of true love.

Luxury travel consultant, Tegan Firth, 25, and city banker, Henry Collins, 27, were just like any other couple with a combined salary of £350,000 a year and two sets of millionaire parents, but still managed to wow guests with their humble ceremony in a small Scottish castle, complete with Pinterest-worthy 12-tier cake, a champagne fountain and, for reasons nobody involved in the wedding could explain, a live tiger.

“Obviously the most important thing was marrying the love of my life,” explained Henry. “Everything else was just a bonus – from the Swarovski crystal wedding favours for our 300 guests to the 20ft ice sculpture of me and Tegan.”

Guests at the wedding couldn’t believe their eyes at the romantic display – Linda Marsh, 29, a friend of Henry’s remarked:

“It’s so sweet to see this amazing celebration of love; really goes to show what a lot of love and a budget of £100k can do.”

The lucky bride herself had this to say: “The ceremony was so perfect, as Henry wanted to make me feel like a princess and really make my dream come true, which was especially sweet considering I’m only actually 15th in line for the throne.”

Ruby Martin

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