Inspiring! This woman recycles all her empty plastic bottles by using them to bottle up her feelings

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A Manchester woman is doing her bit to protect the environment by bottling up her emotions in used plastic bottles.

Megan Johnson, 26, came up with her unique take on recycling whilst drinking water out of an Evian bottle.

“The bottle reminded me of my ex-boyfriend, Evan and what a complete knob he was,” she explained. “I didn’t know what to do with the negative emotions that I was feeling. Then I looked at my empty water bottle and thought that if it could be used to store natural mineral water sourced from the French Alps, then maybe it could also be used to store some of the resentment sourced from the breakdown of our relationship.”

Megan is keen to encourage other people to start reusing their plastic bottles.

“We all need to be making a more concerted effort to recycle plastic bottles. Huge amounts of plastic ends up in landfill sites every year. This is a massive waste of space, much like my ex-boyfriend, Evan.”

“Yes the world is a frustrating place and many of the things that happen in it can cause us to experience negative emotions, but if we don’t act soon and do something to protect the environment, then there won’t be any world left to piss us off in the first place.”

Megan has used her eco-friendly technique to create her own spin on Volvic’s Touch of Fruit range, including Volvic Dash of Resentment, Volvic Hint of Anxiety, Volvic Splash of Crippling Existential Dread.

She claims that her recycling efforts are also having a positive impact on her as a person.

“I used to waste a lot of time carefully analysing my emotions and generating a deeper understanding of how they impact my thoughts and actions. Now, whenever I feel an emotion, I just bottle it on up. It takes 500 years for plastic to biodegrade, so using a plastic bottle is a great way to ensure those pesky emotions will stay nicely repressed for the foreseeable future.”

Joanne Sarginson

Joanne is a writer, blogger and cartoonist who has been featured in The Metro and on Channel 4. She writes and illustrates on her blog where she expresses her views on dogs, social awkwardness and other life-affirming subjects. Her other hobbies include eating, peeling plastic screen protectors off electronic devices and performing pretend OSCAR acceptance speeches in front of the mirror.