Busted! I know you didn’t listen to my podcast, Claire

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A woman from Manchester has been forced to lay her cards on the table with her friend Claire, confessing that she knows she didn’t listen to her podcast and it’s fine, so we can just drop the whole charade and try to move on?

Sian Welles, 26, had posted episode three of her podcast, What Isn’t It?, online last week and, after some gentle questioning of Claire Davis, 29, Sian realised that she hadn’t actually listened to her podcast at all.

“I know you didn’t listen to my podcast, Claire, so can we just stop the pretending?” said Sian.

“I did and it was great.” replied Claire.

“Really? What was your favourite bit?”

“Who has ‘favourite bits’ any more, Sian? Jesus…”

Claire then excused herself to go to the bathroom and, after shouting in for the Wi-Fi password, returned 15 minutes later claiming her favourite bit had been “the stuff about the royal wedding at the beginning”, which she branded “really good.”

“And what about the stuff at the end?” asked Sian, prompting Claire to excuse herself for another 30 minutes, before rejoining her friend to let her know that she also thought “the stuff at the end about the ongoing Brexit negotiations was also really good.”

Adam Baird

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