Four cute crop tops to show off your thick, luscious belly hair

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Time to dust off those dangerously short hot pants, semi-translucent vest tops and arse skimming minis: summer’s officially here!

Skimpier clothes allow you to show off all that that gorgeous, glossy body fuzz you grew for warmth over winter. That luscious snail trail, that’s been slowly sneaking its way up your lower abdomen since your last bikini wax back in August, is something to be marvelled at. Now the weather’s hotting up, it’s time to unveil your fabulous tummy fluff to the world!

We’ve scoured the web and put together a list of this season’s cutest crop-tops, perfect for framing and accentuating your lush, downy belly hair.


Petite Nude Floral Velvet Strappy Crop Top



This floral number exudes hippy chic. The wavy locks tumbling down your lower belly are a perfect accompaniment to this laid back, feminine look, with the flowers and body hair combo evoking the sixties summer of love.

Knitted Yellow Crop Top


Keep things on-trend with this Gen-Z yellow crop top. Gen-Z-ers are all about individuality and self-expression. Stand out from the crowd by dying your happy trail fun colours! Pink, green, rainbow. Let your uniqueness shine!

Black Stripe Tie Front Hanky Sleeve Crop Top


This retro style tank top has a distinctly 70s feel. The 70s, of course, were all about the big bush. Your bush is so big it’s escaped beyond the limits of your waist line, and is bee lining its way towards your belly button. Show it off baby!

PLT Cream Lemon Print Ruffle Strap Crop Top


This crop is perfect for balmy summer evenings. Combined with your luscious, dark tummy curls, it creates a look that is sultry, sophisticated and subtly provocative.


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