Woman gets pixie cut, is automatically assumed to be more interesting

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Tamara McCall, 23, from Telford, Shropshire arrived at her job as an administration assistant on Monday morning with a new cute, cropped hair cut. The change is a stark contrast to the forgettable shoulder-length style she previously wore. She soon realised that colleagues were suddenly more interested in her.

Tamara described, “I turned up at work, went straight to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee, and suddenly a man from procurement asked me what I got up to over the weekend. I literally never get asked this, which I’m grateful for, as the most exciting thing I did on Saturday night was ordering the chow mein I’ve only had three times before. That, and trying not to see my reflection in my laptop screen as the credits roll at the end of The Crown.”

That wasn’t the end of it. A stylish young intern asked Tamara if she’d been out partying to show off her new hair cut.

Tamara recalled, “the intern had never spoken to me before. She normally just looks down her nose at me and tells people she thinks I’m ‘brave’ for my outfit choices. I didn’t know how to answer, so just laughed and said ‘yeah, something like that’. I haven’t been to a party since my aunt’s 50th five months ago. And I left that early.”

Encouraged by the reaction from her colleagues, Tamara updated her Tinder profile picture to show off her new ‘do, and instantly started matching with boys in bands, as well as multiple craft beer enthusiasts.

Mungo Clarke, 29, who swiped right on Tamara, said, “I just got a really good vibe from her picture. Women with short hair are more likely to enjoy things like going to gigs and listening to me talk about my vintage whisky bottle collection.”

Tamara revealed that her next plan is to dye her pixie cut a silvery grey, and buy an oversized beanie to wear over it. With this, she expects to be even more interesting to those around her. She has gone back to her usual order at the Chinese.

Sophie May

Sophie May is a comedy writer from Peterborough and is studying a PhD in sitcoms. Despite being a grown woman, Sophie still thinks jokes about poo and wanking are very funny. She once choked on a fake moustache.