Woman quits job to devote more time to her group chats

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Fern Butler, from Peckham, South London, quit her job in public relations earlier this month in order to devote more time to the close to 30 group chats she is now currently a member of.

She made the decision a few weeks ago, after missing a key moment in her friend’s life due to her busy work schedule.

“Alexa posted pictures of her new highlights in our ‘SE15 Galdem’ group,” explained the 28-year-old. “But I was in client meetings all afternoon, so totally missed it. I realised then that I couldn’t stay in full time employment, and be a fully committed group chat member. It was clear I had to make a choice. I handed in my notice that afternoon.”

Fern admits she never intended on becoming involved with quite so many group chats, it’s just something that built up over time.

She continued, “you start off with just the core groups, you know: friends, family, colleagues etc. But then splinter groups emerge and groups created for specific events. I have a semi-active Facebook messenger group leftover from a 2009 trip to Zante!”

Since quitting her job, Fern has had the time to give all her group chats her full attention, which is something others have noticed.

“I’ve never known anyone to respond so quickly” said Caitlin, member of Fern’s netball team Whatsapp group. “She has a Gif for every occasion. Literally, endless Gifs! It’s pretty impressive.”

Others, however, haven’t been quite so positive.

“She’s been messaging our group non-stop,” explained Georgina Butler, Fern’s Mum. “I mean, it’s nice to hear what she’s up to, but it’s starting to get a bit much. The families actually started another group without her.”


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