Woman discovers being splashed by passing bus not the beginning of a rom-com, just a shitty day

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After being drenched by the passing 254 bus, a Clapton woman was disappointed to learn that the unfortunate event would not be followed by a meet-cute with a handsome book store owner, but rather would be the beginning of a miserable day spent in wet trousers.

The tragedy struck at 8.22am when the bus entered a puddle approximately 6 inches deep, causing a large spray to wet Felicity Charrit, 24, from the mid navel to knee.

“Yeah, it wasn’t a great start to the day but then I thought, well, I’m sure some cute guy was watching, and now I look all wet and helpless like a baby seal, and he’ll come rushing over and offer me his coat or something. And then he’d be like ‘Coffee?’,  but like in a Hugh Grant way, and I’d be like ‘yes’ and then we’d get married on a greek island like in Mama Mia,” she explained.

Charrit then suffered a series of additional setbacks including delayed buses, a broken umbrella and the dropping her cappuccino, culminating in her being 30 minutes late for her shift at a department store.  All events which she considered as part of an hilarious character building montage before the introduction of a wealthy, roguish love interest.

“Yeah, that didn’t happen.  I just got bollocked by my manager Sharon for being late and looking an absolute state. I spent the next half hour drying out my trousers in the Dyson air vac”

Charrit expressed her disappointment at rom-coms for portraying an unrealistic outcomes from slight everyday inconveniences, but says still holds out hope for the arrival of a tall dark handsome stranger the next time she drops her phone in the loo.

Emma Moran

Emma Moran is a writer and comedian who makes a living producing videos for the internet. Her work has previously been described as "witty", "fun" and "a cause for concern". She currently lives in London, sharing an apartment with two flatmates and some persistent damp.