Four houses on Rightmove you’ll never afford, and the detailed fantasy lives you’ve constructed around them

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Unless you have a rich relative with heart problems or bought Bitcoin back in 2011, as a millennial, the chances are you’ll never own a house.

But that doesn’t stop you from spending hours trawling property websites like Rightmove, constructing meticulous and detailed fantasy lives around houses that only someone earning eight times your current salary could ever even think about buying.

Here are four of the houses that you will buy with all your imaginary money, and the amazing imaginary lives you will live in them.


4-bedroom terrace in Notting Hill


Pixabay / JonathanWilkins

So far, you’ve only had 2 Etsy sales for the homemade candles your Mum, on receiving hers, called “unusual”, but once Stella McCartney gives you a plug, your ethical beauty and homeware empire will bloom. This quirky, colourful terrace in Notting Hill will be perfect for hosting parties for all your new fashionista friends.


2-bedroom garden flat in Hampstead


Sure, you haven’t even read a book since 2014, but you’ve always been certain you had a novel in you. This unassuming 2-bedroom garden flat in leafy Hampstead is the perfect place to hide away while you write your masterpiece. Critics will call it “The Catcher in the Rye meets The Hunger Games“, coincidentally the only two books you’ve ever read to the end.


8-bedroom manor in Buckinghamshire


Pixabay / Dielmann

You and your husband, tired of city life, will retreat to this modest manor house just outside of Beaconsfield. It’s big enough for you to host your Pilates and yoga retreats, close enough to town for Felix to commute in for his city job, and the kids love the pool.


57ft narrowboat with London mooring


Pixabay / anthony364

You thought living on a barge would be an affordable option, but apparently even 200 square foot of narrow boat with no plumbing and an ever-depleting resale rate will set you back around 100k. But still, there’s a certain romance to canal life, and the glistening waters and bankside foliage make it very Instagrammable. Once your account, Woman_On_Water, reaches 500,000 followers you’ll be raking in those endorsement deals!


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