Inspiring! This woman managed to say sorry 94 times during a two minute conversation

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In an unprecedented show of social anxiety, a Surrey woman has managed to break records for the amount of “sorrys” previously crammed into a short and perfunctory encounter.

Faith Bishop, 29, was rounding a corner in her office on the way to the printer when she happened to bump into a colleague. This led to the first in a long string of well-placed “sorrys” that was to last for the entire duration of their brief and ultimately pointless discussion.

“At first, I had no idea how the conversation was going to turn out, as the first sorry just seemed like a perfectly normal greeting,” colleague Tim Wilson, 37, said about the incident.

“But it was only when she apologised for not chatting more and then also apologised for keeping me that I sensed I was in the presence of a real master.”

Sources report that Faith has come close to breaking the record before, once while making a particularly confusing Pizza Express order, and another time when she was delivered a parcel by mistake.

“Faith has always had a knack for inserting completely unnecessary apologies into a conversation,” commented boss Priyanka Sharma, 54.

“It’s a bit like a disease. I suppose it’s meant to put people at ease around her, but to tell the truth it actually just makes me loathe her for her complete and utter spinelessness.”

Since the event, colleagues at Faith’s workplace have been on the lookout for further sorry-inducing encounters, but she has so far yet to surpass her new record.

When asked to comment on her achievement, Faith said, “sorry, I guess I just wasn’t keeping track of what I was saying – my bad! Sorry, I really must dash, sorry!”

Vicky Richards

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