Four teddy coats that will make you say, “Baa! I’m just a wee little lamb!”

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Winter is coming! So why spend the frigid months clothed in dull, monochrome coats when you could be totally twinsies with your favorite barnyard friend! That’s right girlfriend, just slip on one of these and you can be an adorable little lamb.

These are some treacherous times we’re living in, no? So, seriously—just put one of these fucking coats and watch yourself literally transform into a luscious, ruminant mammal. No human flesh, no mortal schedule, no problems!

You may be asking, how does this transformation work? And why are you offering me coats that will alter my consciousness as I know it? To that we say, you silly, silly bitch—don’t ask questions! Just take a coat and what you do with it, is your business.

Classic Beige Teddy Coat

New Look / Cream Teddy Coat

This tan number is classy, elegant, and timeless. If you’re a classic kind of girl that says, “I like my breakfast toast with no jam, butter, or fun!” then this coat is for you. With this coat, you can maintain your sensibility on your journey to your next plane of consciousness.

Pink Bomber Teddy Jacket

Miss Selfridge / AW18 Influencer Campaign

Just because you’re preparing to give up your mortal shell doesn’t mean you have to give up every millennial’s color of choice—millennial pink! If you’ve ever thought that you’d really enjoy taking the form of your Gran’s bathroom rug, look no further.

Sky Blue Teddy Coat

New Look / Blue Teddy Bear Jacket

Light blue: so soft and innocent, just like you…in lamb form! In this coat, you’ll be the daintiest little lamb in the whole yard. Aw, precious!

Black Teddy Utility Jacket

Primark UK / Black Teddy Coat

Have you ever considered yourself the “black sheep” of your family or friend group? We got you covered. This look just screams, “I may be a little lamb, but I can also be a little bitch!”

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