Helpful! This man in a lower position in the same field of work just wants to share some advice with you!

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While diving into the usual preliminary jibber-jabber on a recent Tinder date, Ben Hansen, 27, has graciously decided to ask what you do for a living. You tell him that you’re a staff writer at A Top Publication, you’ve worked there for five years, and you’re also in the process of writing a book.

“Oh, cool! You know, I’m actually a writer too,” Ben replies. “I mean I’ve only published two things, and that was around three and half years ago, but it’s honestly just because I’m still, like, finding my creative voice.”


You sympathize with him anyway (because let’s face it—you’re trying to bone tonight), and say, “yeah, I have felt that way too…I’ve tried out different styles and they’re not always a good fit.”

At this point in the conversation, Ben boldly assumes this is a good time to bestow a little nugget of advice with you.

“Coming from someone who’s actually pretty familiar with this industry, I think it would be a good idea for you to start journaling. Just 15 minutes a day, jot down everything you think of. You’d be amazed at how it can really help map out your headspace.”

At this point, you’re throwing back the last of your wine, zipping up your purse, and trying to inconspicuously slip on your sweater to make a swift exit within the next 3-5 minutes. You think to yourself, “what’s a good excuse to quickly get the fuck out of here? Maybe I can say that I left the stove on….or that I have diarrhoea! Yes, that’ll do.”

You tell sweet, foolish Ben that you have the runs, and you must go home at once.

But not before Ben fits in one last question.

“Oh, sorry you’re feeling sick. I was actually just thinking you looked a little pale. But before you go, um, do you think your work would hire me?”

Anna Rahkonen

Anna Rahkonen is a writer and a student in hopes of becoming a journalist, or something. She enjoys laughing, smiling, crying, writing about music, and recycling. She is also allergic to peanuts.