Three newsboy caps that say, “Extra! Extra! Does this hat work with my face shape??”

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So you’re looking for a newsboy cap to add some spice to your look. Congratulations! But beware: the ownership of a newsboy cap requires that you put in time on the street corner to bark at townies to collect your day’s pay. Make ample use of your time and get the approval of your peers while you’re at it. You’re trying a new look and desperate to know if it’s working! Just yell your headlines and squeeze in a swift yet adorable plea for encouragement. All eyes are on you, kid!

Classic newsboy cap

A classic, staple newsboy cap is ideal for accompanying any look, especially if you’re catching the attention of passersby. Just make sure you lock eye contact and project your voice—they’ll be begging to review the look of Your New Hat!

A newsboy cap with a randomly placed flower on the side

Wow! A cap that’s bold AND quirky! The townies will simply be begging to tell you, “I didn’t even notice if the hat matched her face shape because that big ass flower had me absolutely entranced.”

A sparkly newsboy cap

This one’s a real showstopper. Or show stealer. Honestly depends on whether you’re looking to stop or steal the show at hand. Either way, the wattage on these hat sparkles will be completely blinding! Like literally blinding! All the town’s people will say, “Oh my God, my eyes! But my, what a beautiful hat for this broad’s face shape.”

Anna Rahkonen

Anna Rahkonen is a writer and a student in hopes of becoming a journalist, or something. She enjoys laughing, smiling, crying, writing about music, and recycling. She is also allergic to peanuts.