Three Easter outfit ideas that say, “I’ve arrived! But I haven’t forgotten Jesus died on the cross”

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At Easter, you want to look hot, but not too hot – especially at occasions where it’s really inappropriate to look hot (for example at an egg hunt organised for small children, or a church service commemorating the anniversary of a brutal crucifixion).

Surely it would be ludicrous to think about your outfit at time when we’re celebrating a story about sacrifice and death? No.

So, how do you get the balance right between looking good and but not looking like you’ve turned up to the wrong event? Will anyone really care? Why are women under so much pressure all the time? Here is our quick style guide for some common Easter weekend scenarios.

Scenario 1: The Family Egg Hunt

Nobody turns up except an uncle you hardly ever see and three small cousins who barely glance at you before devouring a chocolate bunny twice their size. Style Idea: If anyone suggests you come wearing an Easter Bunny costume, then just come dressed as Ariana Grande and pretend you misunderstood. But tone it down with a cardigan.

Scenario 2: The Church Service

You’ll find yourself having exactly the same conversation with the woman next door as you did on Christmas Eve. Style idea: Jesus wandered the desert for 40 days and 40 nights in the run-up to Easter, so he’s really in no position to tell you not to wear sandals in church. However, if you’re worried about open toes, then a pair of suede boots always look good.

Scenario 3: Volunteering

This is always much harder work than you imagine, and remember you don’t actually get paid at the end. Style idea: splash out on an expensive floral dress that’s a bit too revealing, but offset it by covering it up with a bulky jacket so that nobody ever sees it.

Clarissa Maycock

Clarissa is comedy producer and writer based in London. One of her comedy characters was a winner of The Comedy Crowd's "Chorts" competition and featured in The British Comedy Guide. She is hoping to explain it all one day.