Nice! This razor company doesn’t care what you do with your leg hair, but strongly advises you shave it off

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Wow! This incredibly empowering company designed for hair removal is being super right on, with a brand new advert that says “we don’t care what you do with your body” but also “shave your pits and legs you disgusting Yeti woman”

Jules Schafer, 46, the brains behind the advert, said, “we’re just trying to keep up with the times. We just wanted to show women a strong message that they can do whatever they like with their body hair, whilst also guiding them towards the correct notion that they should be shaving it all off.”

“It’s totally up women, and that’s feminism. But also, we strongly advise that they should be getting their legs nice and smooth, because lots and lots of people think leg hair is super gross. 

She laughs, “of course, we don’t think that!” Then, continued, her eyes going black, “but a large proportion of the country do, and that’s important to consider”

She concluded, “it’s totally down to women what they choose to do with the disgusting hair on their bodies. Whilst you can leave it,” she said, shaking her head, “you can also shave it off” she finished, nodding her head vigorously.

“Our company is super feminist – we even chose to portray hairy legs in the advert – can you imagine? Our editor was sick down himself”

Kat Sadler

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