Cosy! All of this season’s must-have looks to wear over your pyjamas

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Forget the Fleabag jumpsuit, skinny jeans and body con dresses, this season’s look is loose fitting and effortless.

Up and coming fashion designer Celine Charpentier, 32, says ‘When planning my winter collection, I was focusing on Christmas parties, new year’s eve soirees and practical office wear. But then I thought, ‘sod that, what women really want is to be warm.’’

So here are Celine’s key pieces you need in your wardrobe this winter.

1. Baggy jeans. Not the mom jeans that have been creeping into shops recently, they won’t easily pull on over your fleece pyjamas. Think 2005 skater boy.

2. An oversized jumper. Hides literally everything underneath. No bra necessary – perfect!

3. A heavy parka. You could be wearing anything under one of these and no one would ever know, so it may as well cover your PJs. Added bonus – they’re basically sleeping bags.

4. Wellies. Dig out your Glastonbury wellies – they’re the only shoes that will pull on over your thick, fluffy slipper socks.

5. Pyjamas, of course. Long sleeves, fleece bottoms, any style or design you like. Let’s face it, you have at least six sets already.

Alice Jones, 27, was showing off her on trend look as she dropped her kids off at school. ‘Every day, I pull the tracksuit trousers and old fresher’s fair hoody on over my PJs to drop my kids off. The hoody hides the boiled egg I dropped down myself this morning, and no one knows I’ve still got my Little Mermaid pyjama bottoms on.

‘I had no idea this was fashionable, I just didn’t want everyone to know I’m going straight back to bed after this.’

Stylish, comfortable and practical. You really can have it all.

Sophie May

Sophie May is a comedy writer from Peterborough and is studying a PhD in sitcoms. Despite being a grown woman, Sophie still thinks jokes about poo and wanking are very funny. She once choked on a fake moustache.