Four gorgeous bathroom tiles to throw up on

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When you’re looking to show your house some love, your bathroom floor can get overlooked! Why not add some sparkle to the room you spend most of your time shitting in, and pick up some shiny new tiles to immediately barf over when you come back from a night out? Check out our easily-moppable picks below:

This calm lavender tilePink, Blue, Green And White Tiles

This perfect purple tile just oozes relaxation, and also conveniently matches the colour of that pitcher of dubious cocktail you downed two hours earlier when you “needed a confidence boost”. So, sink back and relax onto it as the mess you’ve thrown up seeps into the grout.

This chic cerulean tile

White and Green Pavement Illustration

Bring a sea breeze to your bathroom with this fabulous colour that you won’t be able to say when drunk. “Ceruleloo? Ceralalala?” you’ll mumble, before spewing your own personal ocean all over that glossy finish.


This glam patterned tilePurple and Blue Abstract Wallpaper

Why stick to being plain Jane, when you could have a tile that looks just like the carpet of the Wetherspoons where the drinks first went into you? Consider it the circle of life when you end your night vomiting uncontrollably over this adorable flooring. 

This black and white minimalist tile

Water Flowing on White and Black Checked Bath TubNothing can beat the calm class of a bold checkerboard look. And it will even make your late-night risky Chinese on the way home into a game. Will you void yourself on the white or the black squares? Who knows!

By revitalising your bathroom with these en-tile-ly fabulous picks, you’ll still have something to feel smug about when you pass out in a halo of your own vomit. What beautiful colours. What craftsmanship.

Vicky Richards

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